Our Services

InstaRealty takes pride of the fact that we have a separate company for providing quality services to our clients who have invested in a property with us.

InstaRealty provides services related to clients and property management.

Buying your Property:

We take atmost care to check the validity of documents, check of encumberence, legal issues & also the people selling the property before suggesting the property to you. This way you can feel very secure while you opt for us as your partner and consultants.

Identifying the right buyer with good credentials and payment track record is a cumbersome process and is not usually a task for individuals. We help in identifying good buyers with decent track record to ensure that you have a smooth and transparent sale.

Renting out:
Do you want to rent out your property, we help identify good tenants who will match your requirement. We also help you make a comprehensive rental agreement with your tenants.

Are you looking for a property to rent it. We help you identify good properties that will fit your requirement, life style & budget.

Are you an enterprise looking to buy, sell, rent-in, rent-out, lease-in or lease-out properties. Partner with us to get the best deals... on time... everytime!



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